All You Need to Know About Custom Home Builders

If you read the weekend newspapers and look through the new homes guide you’ll see dozens of home builders advertising that they are builders of quality. It’s interesting that all builders say they build quality and in fact, it’s so often written that most home buyers no longer see the words. They may as well just say ‘We Build Homes’. But how can you know if a home builder that you’re considering is a builder of quality homes? บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Home builders rely greatly on their tradesmen to perform to a high standard. In most cases trades have been industry trained and developed – meaning they have cut their teeth building homes as an apprentice and at some point or another decided to go out on their own. These subcontractors are the lifeline of home builders. They complete the work in a reliable fashion and allow the builders to charge the next progress claim to the home owners.

So what can a building company do to ensure that the tradesmen do a quality job on your new home?


  • Have systems and checklists for tradesmen to follow.
  • Meet regularly on site with the tradesmen to ensure their work is up to standard.
  • Provide construction details that are easy to understand.
  • Provide other documentation which details other specifics about the work required.


Typically all four of those items are done for each and every tradesmen who turn up on a job. So where is the difference?

Making a hard call is the job of the building supervisor and he or she must be willing to stand face to face with the appropriate tradesmen when required and let them know their work isn’t up to standard. It’s a difficult position to be in, and nobody likes doing this particular task, but it is absolutely necessary.

If enforcing a building standard is the supervisors job, surely there will be inconsistencies with larger companies? Definitely! It’s then the job of the construction manager to ensure that all the site supervisors are building to the same standard. This is where we come unstuck. You see, it’s common for larger building companies to have construction managers who rarely leave their office due to mountains of paperwork. I’ve worked for such companies before and it was very evident on site. Some of the site supervisors are terrific, however some were building homes that were barely passable, and perhaps shouldn’t have been allowed to be handed over in some cases.

So how do you assess quality? You can run the risk of building with a large home builder who struggles to keep control of building quality, or you can utilise the services of smaller building companies where volume is limited to ensure homes are built to a high quality standard at all times. These smaller volume builders are often referred to as custom home builders and they cater to the home buyers that are looking at quality, not mass produced project homes.

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