Baby Food Series: Making Baby Food at Home

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child growing healthy on home-made food. Food that is made with care and love at home is going to be, many times better than the junk available on the market. Store bought baby food formula will never hit the mark as long as you are making combinations of baby food at home. All it takes is a blender and clean, distilled storage space. There are plenty of ways you can combine and test different baby food possibilities. Pureeing leafy greens with ripe fruits or tasty starchy vegetables added with some raw butter or even in different combinations like home cooked pulses or broth that will make tasty food or your little one. There are endless possibilities through which the diverse combinations of baby food that can be tried and implemented throughout the day, as your child keeps growing. russian chocolate

Necessary changes and the needful variations would be important to introduce to your child with the different physical conditions and bodily demands that come. A baby’s digestive system is very sensitive and so, slow introduction of the right food would be essential in all conditions. For instance, if you blend a cup of steamed peas with cooked broccoli and it brings a very tasty puree for the baby and contains enough protein and carotenoids and vitamins A and C. Avocados are seen as one of the top most baby foods and they are high in proteins and provide vital and essential nutrients for the baby. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, squashes and pumpkins can all be cooked and mashed and stored in glass jars for a week to combine with other foods to make incredible foods for your infant. Always consult your pediatrician before you introduce new foods and food combinations to your baby. Watch out for reactions, mood changes, calmness and other conditions in the baby in accordance to the food given.

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