How to Make a Website Appear on Google – It’s All About Backlinks!

If you have recently created a site on the internet then you may be wondering how to make a website appear on Google. Since search engines like Google are very particular about the websites that get listed in their search results, it is important to know how to get into these search results without getting blacklisted. This article will elaborate on ways you can get your website to show up in Google results easily. e poe tegemine

How to Make a Website Appear on Google? Can I Use Article Directories?

The best way to make your website appear on Google is to use article directories or blog websites to publicize your website. Article directories like Go Article, Ezine and Article Base allow users to register with them and publicize their websites through links and articles. The benefit of using this method is that you will be able to generate genuine traffic to your website along with publishing a back link that will increase your page ranking. Most people do not understand that page ranking is an important part of using Google since a higher page ranking ensures that you get more traffic to your site through Google. It is important to remember that the content you post should be interesting and informative. Genuine information that is helpful will be viewed much more than content that only concentrates on promoting products or websites.

What Should I Refrain From Doing While Trying to Promote My Website?

Although it is extremely tempting to take the shortcut and use black hat methods it is recommended not to use this method to get listed in Google. Google is a smart website that will most likely catch these devious methods in a few days and once your website gets black listed you may be permanently banned from being listed in search engines.


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