The Samsung Galaxy S2 Is Now Available In White

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is thinner, lighter, and much better looking than its main competitor the Apple iPhone. On the outside it is sleek, slim and smoothly designed making it very pleasing to the eye. Samsung are about to release a new version of the handset dressed in a beautiful white coating with chrome trimmings.

The new version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 has the same specifications and the same features as the black version. Many people are asking if there will be upgrades or new features on the white version of the Galaxy S2. Unfortunately executives at Samsung found it unnecessary to implement new features and upgrades, since they are making a killing with sales anyway.

In fact, they have sold over 5 million units of the white Galaxy S2 since August. People have pre-ordered the item online to ensure that they will receive their new phones on the date of the release. samsung galaxy s21 5g

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the second best selling smart phone in the world. It has won the smart phone of the year award from a number of prestigious UK technology reviews. Like the old saying goes why try and fix something that isn’t broken, and that is what the executives at Samsung have done. The white version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most powerful smart phones of 2011.

Hot and Sizzling in White

The white Galaxy S2 is selling like hot cakes even before its official release date. However, it has also garnered some heat from its competitors. Apple has been known to be very aggressive in the industry by filing copyright infringements against its competitors, but it also has its share or legal battles where smaller companies accuse it of doing exactly the same thing.

The same thing could happen to Samsung simply for launching a white version of its flagship smart phone. However it is very difficult to prove that the design belongs to Apple, so the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is likely to remain untouched by Apple for now.

Samsung is smart enough not to copy the exact same shade of white that Apple uses with its products. The white colour of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a cross between silver white and championship white. It also has chrome trimmings on its borders, making it look very different from any smart phone that other brands have released.

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